The golf swing is a chain reaction.

The beginning determines the end.

Impact is not your problem - it's merely a result of what has occurred before it.

20-30 swing problems?

The reality is, you only have 2-3.

You'd cut down a tree at the base of the trunk, not by trimming the leaves. Stop obsessing with what's on the surface and solve the root cause of your problems.

Failing to improve?

There's more to golf than just the swing...

The traditional approach to learning golf often begins and ends with the full swing, but there's a lot more to playing great golf that you need to consider.

It's crazy to learn the full swing first!

Would you step into the ring with Mike Tyson for your first boxing lesson? Then why would you start learning golf with the full swing? Start smart with the simplest techniques first and make your learning experience a whole lot easier!

Embarrassed to show up at your local golf course?

We can fix that...

Become a knowledgeable, confident and highly proficient golfer, all before you set foot on the golf course.


David Leadbetter

World-Renowned Golf Coach

“Gareth is really a great teacher; you’re going to learn a lot from him. He has a great swing himself, he has a great way of communicating.”

Yan Jing (Jennifer)

LPGA Tour Player

"Even though he (Gareth) has had a big influence on my technical game, I think he helped me the most with the mental aspect. During the course of every training session, he taught me what I needed to be thinking to do the right thing. 'There’s nothing you can’t do if you have a positive mind.' Is what he always says, which is true."

David Frost

10-Time PGA Tour Winner

"As a player it is important for a teacher to express himself so that one can implement these feelings in your swing and not make it so mechanical . I like the way Gareth gets his message across."